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Virtual Reality

MaMa Producties BV

Innovation in VR

We believe in the combination of creativity and technology.

With VR we open new doors.
We develop strong visions and groundbreaking concepts.

VR & Neurofeedback

About us

In our projects creativity and technology meet. Creativity in concept, in innovation and in content. To apply new technologies for existing problems you sometimes need a noncomfortist approach. To stay focused and contribute to solutions for various social problems we regularly, and with succes, participate in Hackathons. We are convinced that for innovation in digital reality (VR and AR) a creative vision for the application is essential and visual quality is necessary to make a real impact.

VR-applications occupy a special place within the innovation in Healthcare. The power of this new medium takes the health professional into the world of the patient. Because this experience can be shared  you can deliver more tailor-made healthcare.

VR and epilepsy awareness

The combination of VR and Neurofeedback opens up total new possibilities. Imagine a world driven by your brainwaves. How can education, healthcare and art use this new technique?

VR and neurofeedback

VR offers us the possibility to create worlds without storylines and frameworks. Where the visitor can find his own adventure and decide for him-/herself which route to take.

Art in VR

“Virtual Reality” is only a collective name for a big diversity of techniques. The term “Digital Reality” actually covers the field much better. Within the range of VR, 360 video, augmented reality, data, hololenses and everything that is on the horizon it sometimes is difficult to find a place to start. The experts of MaMa Producties can give advise and guidance in this. Contact us for a free first appointment.

A hackathon is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, and others, often including subject-matter-experts, collaborate intensively on software projects.


Hackathon’s have grown from a pressure cooker for innovation to a fullgrown way of learning, collaborating, developing new products, fixing problems etc. Facebook points to hackathon’s as an essential part of their succes. MaMa Productions has a lot of experience with Hackathon’s, as participants and organisers. Contact us to find out if this inspiring method can work for you.

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